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Mint oil is housed in the glands of mint leaves. In distilleries, mint oil is captured in steam generated by boilers, and carried to condensers, which convert the steam into a mixture of water and oil.

The liquid mixture passes through a separator, which removes the water from the oil. The refined mint oil is then stored in clean, 55-gallon galvanized drums, each of which holds approximately 400 gallons of oil, the yield from about five-and-a-half acres of mint plants.

A mint plant reaches its peak output of oil when it is in full bloom. Beginning in July each summer, growers cut mint plants with a windrower and allow plants to dry in rows for three to five days.

This curing process allows much of the excess moisture in the plant to evaporate.

When the crops is adequately cured, growers harvest the windrowed leaves with a chopper, and blow leaves into large tubs carried behind the chopper on an accompanying trailer.

When full, the tubs are taken directly from the field to a distillery.

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